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In the coming years, the new airport was the home base for the two largest German airships, LZ 127 Graf Zeppelin and LZ 129 Hindenburg. In 1938, Frankfurt was a central distribution point for the transport of airmail to North America. Appropriate evaluation criteria should be developed in the CM Plan and applied according to the scope and tier of the Architectural Description effort. The evaluation criteria must include factors that test compliance with the Net-Centric Reference Architectures and the DoD IE as outlined in Section 3.0 of the DoDAF and the Net-Centric Guidance contained in Volume 2. The results of architecture evaluations should be used to guide decisions for approving proposed changes, as well as in planning future extensions or updates to the Architectural Description.

A two-storey station building with a six-storey tower originated in 1935 on the northern part of the airport, as well as other operating and outbuildings for maintenance and storage of aircraft. The functional architecture must be documented to provide the diagrams, drawings, models, and specifications against which software design synthesis can be performed and evaluated. Functional architecture includes the design documentation shown in Table 11.1. After configuration data has been aggregated and organized a baseline can be established. A baseline configuration is a known state of configuration that will successfully operate the dependent software without error.


Two multiobjective Pareto diagrams, the minimum ||Tuw||g against α-stability and the minimum ||Tuw||g against the minimum ||Tew||∞ are to be produced by repeatedly calling the modified MATLAB function. The general control configuration used for the synthesis of the favourite controller is shown in figure 1(b). The model P, is constructed from the blocks Gn, Wu and Wp representing a nominal description of the process under control, a bi-proper weight function describing the uncertainty of the nominal model and a bi-proper performance weight function respectively.

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Version control applied to the configuration can be rapidly reverted to a last known stable state. To help you assess, it’s critical to access perspectives across your organization. Include targeted questions in a culture assessment questionnaire sent to a broad employee population.

CS302: Software Engineering (2021.A.

The airships were dismantled and their huge hangars demolished on 6 May 1940 during conversion of the base to military use. Luftwaffe engineers subsequently extended the single runway, and erected hangars and other facilities for German military aircraft. With the foundation of Deutsche Luft Hansa in 1926, a rapid boom of civilian air travel started, and soon the airship base became too small to handle the demand. Plans for a new and larger airport located in the Frankfurt City Forest south-west of Schwanheim were approved in 1930 but were not realized due to the Great Depression. After the Machtergreifung in 1933, the government revived the plans and started the construction of the new airport. Once the FPGA design has been captured and compiled and initially downloaded to the HW target, configuration tracking needs to be maintained at the board level in the lab.

Four battling for two seats on Grand Haven Board of Light & Power board of directors – MLive.com

Four battling for two seats on Grand Haven Board of Light & Power board of directors.

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For in-house efforts, the baseline is set/controlled by the NASA program/project. When applied to the design, fabrication/assembly, system/subsystem testing, integration, and operational and sustaining activities of complex technology items, CM represents the “backbone” of the enterprise structure. It instills discipline and keeps the product attributes and documentation consistent.

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Using configuration management tools, administrators can set up an IT system, such as a server or workstation, then build and maintain other servers and workstations with the same settings. IT teams use configuration assessments and drift analyses to continuously identify systems that have strayed from the desired system state and need to be updated, reconfigured, or patched. A structured CM program ensures that documentation (e.g., requirements, design, test, and acceptance documentation) for items is accurate and consistent with the actual physical design of the item. In many cases, without CM, the documentation exists but is not consistent with the item itself. For this reason, engineers, contractors, and management are frequently forced to develop documentation reflecting the actual status of the item before they can proceed with a change.

In 2013, she moved to a senior central management role in Audit in where she spent two years. From 2018 to 2020, he was Head of Group Strategy and was CEO of Asia-Pacific until 2023. Before joining Deutsche Bank, he served as Treasurer of Citigroup, managing its capital and funding as well as liquidity and interest rate risk. Frankfurt Airport regional station (Frankfurt Flughafen Regionalbahnhof) at Terminal 1, concourse B, provides access to the S-Bahn commuter rail lines S8 and S9. The Squaire is an office and retail building with a total floor area of 140,000 m2 (1,506,900 sq ft).

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The configuration data files specify a sequence of actions to take to configure a system. The executable differs in language between the systems — Ansible and Salt Stack are Python based and Chef is Ruby. This workflow is similar to running ad-hoc shell scripts but offers a more structured and refined experience through the respective platforms ecosystems. These tools are what will bring enable the automation needed to achieve CI/CD. In 2009, the German government decided to create third terminals for both Frankfurt Airport and Munich Airport in order to handle expected passenger flows of 90 million in Frankfurt by 2020 and 50 million in Munich by 2017. The new terminal is scheduled to be built by Fraport, south of the existing terminals on the grounds of the former Rhein-Main Air Base.

configuration management board

Efficient real-world debugging is much easier when as many variables as possible are removed when trying to determine the source of a problem. This is achieved by increasing the dissolved oxygen in Z2 and decreasing it in zone Z3 and zone Z4. Selecting SCIs is an important process in which a balance must be achieved between providing adequate visibility for project control purposes and providing a manageable number of controlled items. Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform includes all the tools needed to share automation across teams and implement enterprise-wide automation. Ansible automates IT processes like provisioning and configuration management.

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Understanding how near the end of their life each of these components is has been a major undertaking involving labor-intensive record keeping until recent developments in software. ITIL specifies the use of a Configuration management system (CMS) or Configuration management database (CMDB) as a means of achieving industry best practices for Configuration Management. Docker introduced ccb definition containerization that is an advanced form of configuration management — like a configuration lockdown. Docker is based on configuration files called Dockerfiles, which contain a list of commands that are evaluated to reconstruct the expected snapshot of operating system state. Docker creates containers from these Dockerfiles that are snapshots of a preconfigured application.

On 30 December 2005, the Rhein-Main Air Base in the southern part of the airport ground was closed and the US Air Force moved to Ramstein Air Base. The property was handed back to Fraport which allows the airport to use it to build a new passenger terminal. The property of the housing area for the soldiers, called Gateway Gardens, which was located north-east of the airport site, was given back to the city of Frankfurt in the same year and will be developed as a business district in the following years. From August to November 1944, a concentration camp was established in Walldorf, close to the airport site, where Jewish female prisoners were forced to work for the airport. The Allies of World War II destroyed the runway system with airstrikes in 1944, and the Wehrmacht blew up buildings and fuel depots in 1945, shortly before the US Army took control of the airport on 25 March 1945. After the German Instrument of Surrender, the war in Europe ended and the US Army started to build a new temporary runway at Frankfurt Airport.

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The CCB may, from time to time, establish technical working groups (TWG), as required, to oversee, review, and make recommendations to the board on specific technical aspects of the CM Program, or configuration items. TWGs provide the subject-matter expertise necessary to ensure that documents, the DM2, and other products under configuration control of the CCB are maintained in a responsible manner. TWGs, when tasked by the CCB, provide detailed and comprehensive technical review of proposed changes and recommendations to the CCB on action(s) to be taken that result from recommended changes. CM applied over the life cycle of a system provides visibility and control of its performance, functional, and physical attributes. CM verifies that a system performs as intended, and is identified and documented in sufficient detail to support its projected life cycle.

  • Configuration Management originated in the United States Department of Defense in the 1950s as a technical management discipline for hardware material items—and it is now a standard practice in virtually every industry.
  • The purpose of the software physical configuration audit (PCA) is to ensure that the design and reference documentation is consistent with the as-built software product.
  • For example, configuration requirements may be different for a network firewall that functions as part of an organization’s Internet boundary versus one that functions as an internal local network firewall.
  • To prevent these issues, configuration management involves establishing a clear approach to documentation, maintenance, and change control so that systems can be configured consistently and accurately across complex environments.
  • It’s easy for these configuration values to become an afterthought, leading to the configuration to become disorganized and scattered.
  • This reverse engineering process is wasteful in terms of human and other resources and can be minimized or eliminated using CM.

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