Legal Advice: The New Rap

Yo, listen up, I’m here to drop some legal knowledge

With Google Workspace Business Starter Price I’ll help you find your office solace

Official Rules for Sticks Card Game is a must know, no bluffing

Recognize Legal 500 Rising Stars 2021 and watch ’em start soaring

Can an insurance company reject you? That’s the question

Get the answer, don’t be left guessin’, take a lesson

Know the Laws Against GBV, it’s no joke, no jestin’

Is Pay for Delete Legal? Get the lowdown, it’s your right to be questionin’

Check out a Custom Home Contract Sample, for the home of your dreamin’

Don’t forget Hawaii Form HW-3 and the legal requirements you’re meetin’

Out in California, we got Legal Chinese Motorcycles, so don’t be sleepin’

Wondering How to Legalize Your Business? Follow the steps, no need for treatin’

So there you have it, legal advice in a new form and shape

Drop the beat, drop the mic, I’m out, no escape